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Banixx Pet Care Spray

Antibacterial & anti fungal spray for wounds, infections & hoof care

Species: Dog Cat Horse Poultry
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Banixx Pet Care Spray

Antibacterial & anti fungal spray for wounds, infections & hoof care

Species: Dog Cat Horse Poultry
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Product description

Keep your horse and pets in top shape with Banixx Horse & Pet Care spray. Recommended by veterinarians, this antimicrobial and anti-fungal spray for horses provides sting-free relief for horses and equids suffering from wounds, scratches, rain rot, ringworm, fungal infections, hoof diseases, and more. Its special formulation has no clinical odor or color so you won’t ever have to worry about it smelling up or staining your hands, horse, barn, or trailer. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about special storage conditions: this antiseptic spray for animals remains viable in all weather conditions ranging from freezing to hot and humid, making it ideal for storing in the barn or trailer. Just identify the affected area, apply Banixx on a daily basis, leave it on, and wait for the desired result. Relief really can be that simple.

At Banixx, they understand that as an animal lover, you want to keep your pet or horse healthy and happy. If it’s experiencing discomfort from a wound, fungal infection, hoof disease or other ailment, you want the best possible treatment. That’s why Banixx has created a product to be used as a rain rot spray, horse antiseptic spray for scratches, and more.

Key Details:

  • Provides relief in the recovery of scratches, rain rot, thrush & white line disease, ear infections, hot spots, ringworm, cuts, rashes & sores, and any bacterial and fungal infections.
  • Color-free, odor-free formulation facilitates recovery without the stains or clinical smells that linger for hours after application.
  • Clinically proven safe around the eye, nose & mouth
  • All-weather tolerant and remains viable after being exposed to frost or high heat, meaning you don’t have to worry about special storage conditions
  • Made in the USA without using steroids, alcohol, or fragrances.

Active ingredients

2.5 % Hydronium Solution (H9O4)

Inactive ingredient: purified water.

Indications for use

Common Uses for Horses and Other Animals:

This pet and horse wound spray helps to combat a range of ailments, including:

  • Wounds: Spray this fragrance- and alcohol-free product on any cuts, scrapes, abrasions and other wounds to help clean and repair your pet’s skin.
  • Rain Rot: Banixx serves as a remedy to this common skin infection in horses that’s caused by a bacterium.
  • Horse scratches: This pesky, painful condition can be a mix of bacterial and/or fungal infections. Use Banixx as a pain-free, swift remedy or as part of a potent preventative plan.
  • Ringworm: Is your pet experiencing lesions or itchy rashes from ringworm? Treat the fungus that causes this skin infection with this anti-fungal formula.
  • Fungal Infection: Banixx is an anti-fungal and antiseptic solution for many types of fungal infections that are common in pets and horses.
  • Hoof Disease: Help treat white line disease, thrush, abscesses, and other hoof maladies by spraying Banixx on the affected area.

Administration and dosage

Instructions for Use:

For Wounds, Skin Infections and Fungus:

  1. Thoroughly clean infected area with water only if necessary and allow to dry.
  2. Apply Banixx liberally.
  3. Repeat twice daily, as needed.

NOTE: Unless necessary, do not clean affected area between applications.

For Thrush, White Line & Abscess:

  1. Clean and dry foot prior to treatment,
  2. Apply medicine boot with 3 gauze pads, or equivalent device, to foot.
  3. Add 3-4 ounces Banixx to boot to soak foot.
  4. Repeat twice daily, 4-5 days.

    For best results, keep boot on foot during treatment and apply treatment immediately after your professional has trimmed foot.