Banixx is the pet supplies company that has proven itself to be the #1 choice of horse and pet owners as a fast-acting, affordable aid in the recovery of every kind of bacterial and fungal infection. Because you love your animals, it’s only natural you want to keep them healthy and happy with the best pet treatments. When you’re dealing with sickness, discomfort or an infection, Banixx is the animal care company to turn to when you stock your at-home first aid kit. They make the industry’s most trusted topical antimicrobial sprays, shampoos, and wound care creams.

While Banixx products have powerful anti-fungal and antibacterial agents, they are also extremely tissue-friendly and clinically proven harmless around the eyes, nose, mouth, and ears, and have proven to be particularly effective at eliminating dog ear infections, dog hot spots, itchy skin yeast infections, and dog or cat ringworm. Use them with confidence to successfully treat wounds, fungus, horse scratches, rain rot, ringworm, abscesses, thrush, white line disease, bacterial infections, fungal infections, fly bites or just some itchy skin on your pets.

Banixx products are odor-free, non-staining, sting-free, non-toxic, steroid-free, antibiotic-free, and do not contain alcohol or tea tree oils. They are environmentally friendly and proudly made in the USA.