Phycox is a nutritional joint supplement line for dogs and horses. Like humans, dogs, and horses, suffer from joint problems. Due to old age, injury, or caused by the wear and tear of daily life, the cartilage between bones breaks down, which results in inflamed and painful joints. Cartilage is a rubber-like, resilient, and smooth elastic tissue that cushions the surfaces where two or more bones meet to form a flexible joint. When your dog or horse is in motion, there is tremendous pressure on the joint. The cartilage, the joint fluid, and the connecting bones, all work together to allow smooth and flexible joint function while acting as a shock absorber. Signs that your pet may need a joint health supplement are: less active, limping, stiffness, a reluctance to jump, difficulty going up and down the stairs, difficulty sitting, or getting up. Phycox is an over-the-counter medication that not only eases pain, inflammation, and stiffness but also improves bone health. Phycox has a patented formula that contains a blue-green algae extract (phycocyanin) that works as both a « bad » prostaglandins inhibitor and as an antioxidant. Prostaglandins are found in most tissues and organs; they are produced by cells to deal with injury and illness. There are two types of prostaglandins: « good » (blood pressure, airflow to lungs, gastric pH and intestinal mucus, renal function) and « bad » (inflammation, pain, fever). Phycocyanin reduces inflammation and pain caused by joint deterioration and reduces the break down of cartilage. PhyCox also contains Glucosamine, one of the basic components of cartilage, which helps heal and repair cartilage, resulting in an improved joint function. It is also packed with antioxidants, Omega 3 fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins that promote bone health. PhyCox is available on Vetito veterinary pharmacy in granules, hypoallergenic or regular small bites, and soft chews. PhyCox is also available as PhyCox Max, which contains higher amounts of phycocyanin and additional active ingredients for older or more active animals, or animals with advanced joint discomfort.