Horses get worms by ingesting eggs from infected pasture. Eggs start to develop inside your horse’s gut or lungs, where they can causes diseases. Eggs become adult worms that produce eggs of their own. These eggs are then shed in your horse’s feces and added to the existing infected pasture, which can keep the infestation going and infect other horses. In small numbers, worms are not that problematic, but in large numbers, they can severely affect your horses’ health. Controlling internal parasites is essential for your horse’s health. These parasites can cause serious damages: they attach to the intestinal walls and consume blood, they can migrate to other organs through the intestines, and they can block arteries. Parasites are also responsible for colic, which can be dangerous for your horse. It is important to treat these parasites fast and effectively. Quest is a broad spectrum dewormer for horses and ponies that treats and controls internal parasites, including bots. Quest and Quest Plus both have a powerful formula that works by attacking the nerve cells of these parasites, which paralyzes them and then eventually kills them. They also suppress the production of worm eggs through 84 days, which will reduce pasture contamination and provide a period of protection from reinfection for horses and ponies. Quest Plus contains an additional active ingredient: praziquantel, which makes it effective against tapeworms. Both Quest and Quest Plus are available on Vetito veterinary pharmacy in a palatable oral gel that offers less mess and stress on your horse and yourself. Quest and Quest Plus are safe for horses and ponies six months of age and older and have been approved for use in breeding mares and stallions.