Witness is the maker of a series of innovative testing kits for cats and dogs. The tests are designed to provide quick and accurate results. They are pet friendly and easy to administer. These testing kits can be an easy and convenient way to confirm a diagnosis. Witness kits are quick, with results within 10 minutes. These kits can be stored at room temperature, which saves refrigerator space, and eliminates test warm-up time. Witness kits use the rapid immuno-migration technique, which is one of the fastest and most practical techniques for detecting antibody-antigen interactions. When a certain antigen exists in large quantities, this means that your cat or dog is infected with a disease. These kits can also determine if your cat or dog is pregnant. Witness kits are mess-free and easy to use, whether you are handling blood, feces, or serum. All you need to do is follow 3 simple steps: add the blood, serum or feces, then a buffer, and finally, wait for the results. Everything is included in the kits: pipettes, pouches, a saline buffer in a dropper bottle, and the instructions. Witness kits are available on Vetito veterinary pharmacy as:

  • Witness FELV, to see if your cat is infected with the feline leukemia virus.
  • Witness FELV/FIV, to test your cat for both the feline leukemia virus and the feline immunodeficiency virus.

  • Witness FFH, which is a three-in-one test for the feline leukemia virus, the feline immunodeficiency virus, and feline heartworm disease.

  • Witness Heartworm, for the detection of heartworm disease in cats and dogs.

  • Witness Lepto, to test your dog for canine leptospires.

  • Witness LH, which measures the levels of canine and feline luteinizing hormone to help determine the optimum time for breeding.

  • Witness Parvo, to test for the presence of canine parvovirus.

  • Witness Relaxin, which is a pregnancy test for cats and dogs.