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This works better than the color coated and more expensive alternative! And this is coming from a vet tech!

A real find

I was so happy to find Silymarin Advanced in a 90 capsule quantity. My sweet pup needs to take it daily and is doing well on it! This is so much less expensive than Denamarin Advanced. The price is great and I am happy to have found Fusion.Pet

Silymarin for liver

This product seems to be helping my 12 year old dachshund. Her liver enzyme count is a bit high and has not changed since she started this product (3 months) but her gum health has improved.
And other than a little age, she seems fine.

SilymarinAdvanced 425 mg 30 tablets for large dogs 35 lbs and over

We switched to this from Denamarin during pandemic when the name brand product was out of stock everywhere. It works the same and costs a lot less. We had been ordering this from Vetito. I was uncertain when they were switched over to Fusion but everything looks the same and the delivery is still as quick.

Silymarin advanced

During Covid you got really hard to find medicine and special food for my dog with liver disease , denamarin got really hard to find in Albuquerque. It took me two days of searching to find one box. I’m not sure why but I ended up with an email from a fusion pad about Silymarin advanced. So I called them up and said, do they take this with denamarin. They said no this is a replacement, the last year, my 11 year old Chihuahua have been really starting to fade, she had been on denamarin and other medicines for about six or seven years, I really thought this was gonna be her last year even on denim Maren and all the medicines she was taking, I started her on Silymarin advanced, and within six weeks she was bouncing around like a puppy, it’s been over a year now and she’s doing so well and I know it’s because of the Silymarin, I have phoned the pharmacist there twice just to thank him for his product because my dog means everything to me. If your dog takes denamarin, get him on Silymarin advanced right away. You won’t be sorry!

Works great

This has done wonders for our 12 year old Westie.

A good replacement

Had to find something to replace the other prescription liver booster pills that are always out of stock everywhere including at the vet. This has worked well for my dog so far.

So far so good

I was looking for something with the same ingredients as Dena***** and I found this medicine. My dog takes 2 of these pills daily along with 12 other pills. He doesn't mind taking this medication with a pill pocket of course. He has had high liver levels since February. I take him to get his levels checked again in July and I will give a update on how its working. It is less pricey and you get 90 pills. Dena***** cost more with less pills.

Dena***** Substitute

Fusion Pet's Dena***** substitute is just as good as Dena*****. Our dogs have been on the Fusion pet version for several years with great effect! It is a quality product!

The price is much less than Dena*****, the shipping is free and fast.


Chihuahua had liver issues, this put him back to normal range.


I have been using this and it's been great for my husky who had liver issues and has seizures.

Great choice!

Good price (we decided to do a 180 quantity supply auto delivery), quick delivery & professional service. Our 11-yr pup takes these with ease when enclosed in a tasty pill pocket. 🐾

Great substitute for dena*****

This has reduced my dog's high liver values. They aren't always normal, but are closer than they were before. My only complaint is that there is something odd about the surface of the tablet that makes it hard for cheese to stick to it. I always wrap my dog's pills in a small square of pre sliced American cheese. This is the only one that feels like the cheese is almost repelled.

Good value

SilymarinAdvanced is half the cost of the brand my vet sells, and it's the same formulation. I'm on a subscription so I don't even have to remember to order it each month.
My dog doesn't like the pill by itself, but I can hide it in his food and he gulps it right down. So glad I found this!

Good Price, Quick Shipping

Great price on the generic of this med for my senior golden retriever.


Great, speedy service

Silymarin Advance

My dog just started her first bottle of Silymarin Advance so far the product is good. The shipping was good also and it was packaged with care.


Just got my first order of meds for my fur boy. Shipping was quick and product arrived well packaged. Thanks

Customer Service A+++

Service is so prompt- always receive my dogs supplements a day or two after ordering. Thank you for caring.

Liver supplements

It is difficult to determine the effectiveness of any medication without long term use and testing. This medication has the same ingredients and strength as the more expensive alternative. The second batch I received had a different shaped pill for some unknown reason.

So happy I found!

I was using Dena***** within my rescue on numerous cats and most of them could not tolerate it. They would either vomit green/blue bile afterwards and or green/blue streaks in their bowls. I even found a whole blue capsule in one of their stools! That’s when I started to research the same ingredients without any toxic dyes in them and I found this product. I have been giving it to several of the cats again and no vomiting and no colorful poo. So so happy I found and will continue to buy from here.
Thank you Vetito!

Happy pup, happy budget!

This has been such a help for my dog! Not only is it the formulation my vet likes, it also isn’t the bright blue color that gets on everything. Add that it is much more reasonable for my 70 pound girl who takes 2 pills daily, and it’s a win in my book! Only a four star as we just recently began it, so I want to see how she does after a bit longer.

Drastic Improvement ...

... in Bridget's (11 year old Golden Retreiver) kidney function.

Excellent generic replacement for name brand

Same formulation as the much more expensive name brand liver supplement, and seemingly more readily available. I also like the 3-month supply size whereas the name brand is only available in a 1-month size.

Great pill

Love having this for my geriatric beagle!

Great product!

I confirmed with my vet and this product is comparable to D*****rin Advanced which seems to be unavailable everywhere. The price is also excellent. This helps regulate my dog’s liver and improve dementia symptoms. Her strange behaviors have improved significantly. She is a much happier dog.

Great chewable product

Easy to administer this convenient combo product.

Best product, Best Price

Quality All-in One Product

great value

big savings over brand name D*****rin

Dena***** generic

Happy my dog only needs 2 tabs compared to the brand Dena***** but she doesn’t like the taste. It works best on an empty stomach. Have to give it to her in some ground raw chicken

silymarin advanced

Great product. My dog has been on this for 9 months and his blood is excellent, especially his liver. His last Ultrasound of the liver and gallbladder was good and clean.

best I've found

I've been giving this to my WGSD/Golden retriever mix for about 6 months now since finding out she was in liver and kidney failure. her labs were so bad the vet didnt think she was going to make it another month! i was devestated and this is my best friend, and if you're reading this review chances are you have on too! i wanted the best for her so i started researching medications and this was the best one i found! it's been 6 months and shes going strong! the vet said he had never seen anything like this in his 40 years owning this pet hospital, her labs turned around so significantly. along with diet changes (low protein) i will have my beautiful 14 year old best friend another Christmas! that means everything to me!

Replacement for Dena*****

My dogs have been taking Dena***** for over 10 years now. It became impossible to get all during the pandemic. It is still backordered all the time now. I have switched over to this product. Available and less expensive.

Silymarian Advanced 425mg

This is a great product I bought this for my large 970 lb German Shepard because he got a hold of some that shot his liver enzymes way up. I tried the other product that is similar den*****n, but it wasn't bringing his liver enzymes down well enough and I switched to this as it's cheaper and it seems to be much better!! I highly recommend this!

equivalent to Dena*****

For a fraction of the price, and not backordered. Thumbs up from me!

Great product

Just as good as Dena*****, but much cheaper.

Silymarin Advanced 425mg

This is a fantastic product I bought this for my large 90 lb dog because he got a hold of some kind of toxin and went into liver failure. I tried the other product that is similar denimarin, but it wasn't bringing his liver enzymes down well enough and I switched to this as it's cheaper and it seems to be much better!! I highly recommend this!

So far impressed

Silly rain advanced has all the components of the name brand which currently is not available. Smaller pills make it easier to get my pup to take. More cost effective which is always a nice bonus.

Same product vet prescribed but at much lower price.
Winston prefers the taste over vet product.

Good product at a reasonable price

My 9 year old Labrador has a slightly enlarged liver. We started him on Silymarin Advanced. He’s doing great & he actually likes taking his “medicine”.
A win - win!!

Timely Delivery

I ordered my product and the delivery was faster than indicated. Very Happy with their customer service.

This product seems to be working

The Silymarin Advanced seems to be keeping my little morkie's ALK down.
I started using this product when I couldn't find Dena*****.
I will continue to use it even though Dena***** is now available. This product seems to be working and it's less expensive then the Dena*****. I use peanut butter to get it down and break it in half with a pill cutter. It's chewable but she is picky. In addition I don't have to force her to take it like with the Dena*****, which wasn't chewable. She doesn't even seem to notice it in the peanut butter.

My vet was happy that I found Vetito website

The medicine was so much more affordable for me

liver protection for a sheltie battling cancer

100% pleased with this product. Identical to the much more expensive, vet only product. I am planning on ordering again.


It’s stabilized my miniature schnauzer’s liver function.

Healthier dog

My 12-yeat old sheltie started taking Silymarin Advanced about 3 months ago when the name brand product was unavailable. I was in a panic because her liver enzymes were very elevated. Vetito came through and shipped this so quickly. Her enzymes have been checked twice since she started this medicine and they continue to go down. Not normal yet but we are hopeful. This is a much more affordable option too.

Happy dog

Like that only has one pill now. My dog likes and thinks they are treats.

Great alternative to the "other" brand

Very happy with this product, seems to work just as well as the "other" brand and costs less. Although, I noticed that like everything else, the price for this one has gone up as well over the last few months. I would also like to see the 90 count available again for the 225 mg.

Wonderful product Silymarin advance

I highly recommend this product! My three-year-old somehow got a hold of some toxin and it was killing his liver, let's just be honest killing him. My vet flushed this 85 lb sweet adorable loving Labrador retrievers liver for 4 days and then we were allowed to visit for a day before bringing him home. He has been on this product almost for 45 days now he had already taken D*****rin and D*****rin advance, but his liver toxins now instead of being off the charts on all three of them now they're slightly elevated on one which we're hoping when we go back to the vet again in about 2 weeks it'll be showing normal! Again I highly recommend this product!!

Good Alternative to D*****rin

My dog was prescribed D*****rin, but Nu*****x had production issues so thankfully Vetito developed an alternative that I switched to. So far my SilymarinAdvanced 425 mg 90 tablets for large dogs 35 lbs and over orders have always been in-stock, delivered without delay, and offered at an equal or better price. I only rated 4-stars because I cannot judge the specific effectiveness of the product because use of this supplement was in conjunction with a diet change, although my dog has shown no undesirable side-effects and subsequent test results have been generally favorable.

Vetito is a life saver with this product as the name brand is always out of stock. Great very fast efficient service

A better alternative to D*****rin

My dog has Cushing's disease which is very expensive to treat. I was desperate to find savings any where I could. I was very happy to find this product that was comparable to D*****rin at a lower cost.

works great with a great price

Found this alternative to the big name brand (which cost almost twice as much) My dogs prefer this one instead. Totally recommend.

SilymarinAdvanced for the win

Vetito saved the day with bringing this alternative to the always backordered D ***. So happy we tried it, not only are they smaller, my dog seems to like those much better and takes them like a charm. Plus they are lower prized so a win all around!

I have to say that I never take the time to write reviews. But I have 3 large dogs on the Silymarin Advanced. They have been on it for approximately 2 months. I just had blood work done on two of my dogs so far at my vets and I must say that their liver values are now in the normal range. I will have my other dog checked next month. Before this product they have been on D*****rin for the last 3 years, and they never had normal liver values ever. D*****rin would only keep them from getting worse, but this product actually got them to normal. Even my vet is impressed. Now I am very particular with my dogs, I never miss a dose and I give it everyday at the same time. Before I started the product I had multiple questions for Vetito, and they courteously answered every question I had. They took the time to speak to me on the phone and I very much appreciated it. You have a customer for life. Thanks, Mike in CA.

BETTER than D*****rin!

I am in the veterinary field so when my girl’s ALT levels started going up, we put her on D*****rin. At one point, everywhere was sold out and I found this alternative. While the “industry standard” D*****rin did not make her liver levels go down, Silymarin did!! Wow!! 100 stars!

Silymarin advanced

Really seems to help my older dog feel better

Silymarin advanced

Really seems to help my older dog feel better

Just what our Lab needed.

Our black Lab responds just as well on this generic product as the higher priced name brand. Love it!

Silymarin Advance for large dogs

After using D******* advance which has been back orders for months I researched products and found this With same ingredients and cheaper price Started using it 2 months ago and I have an appointment with my Neuro to test blood and will see what lab results of Liver come back as I’m very hopeful

Great product

Came across this product as the item I typically use was unavailable. Have been using for 3 months with great results. Added bonus is it is a much better price than the previous product and delivery is much quicker.

Good replacement

I usually buy a similar product for my dogs liver problem, but it was not currently available, so this was recommended. Half the price, better size (easier to give) and my dog loves them!

Great replacement

My dog was on a similar product for her liver disease that is not available right now, so the vet confirmed this can be used as as a replacement. At half the price and a smaller size pill, I am very satisfied and will use this going forward.

Great Product

The ingredients in this product were recommended by my vet for my dogs liver. I noticed an improvement in my dog within a week and a half. The downside is that it is very expensive and if you have a large dog, one bottle only lasts two weeks.


they are a bit big but cat has gotten used to them, she has liver disease and is doing so much better now. thank you

Seems OK

After being unable to find the "name brand" of this product on a fairly regular basis, I decided to give this a try. The ingredients are the same and no side effects have been experienced, so far.


My best friend was recently diagnosed with liver and kidney disease at 13.5 yrs old. I found Vetito while browsing the internet for affordable but good quality supplements and meds for my baby. I started giving her these and her labs significantly improved in 1 month of taking this! It probably saved her life and now I get to enjoy more time with my best friend and there's no better gift than that!

Silymarin Advanced

Received it quickly after ordering

Great Product

Fast, cost effective and it works. Totally satisfied.

Great Value and Works!

This product provides great support and costs way less than the other product promoted by vets. I have using this product for the last year and my dog's liver has been stable.

If it wasn't for this product I would not have been able to keep my dog on any liver support medication.


Switched to this for my 13 year old dog who has had liver disease for nearly 2 years now, works just as well as you-know-what, for a fraction of the price!
We love Vetito!!


Switched to this for my 13 year old dog who has had liver disease for nearly 2 years now, works just as well as you-know-what, for a fraction of the price!
We love Vetito!!

Incredible value

My dog was recommended to take D***** by her vet for a medical condition. After being on it for 1 month, I started looking around on the internet for the best price, as it is a rather pricy medication (especially for a large dog). This product (Silymarin) is IDENTICAL to the name brand D***** as far as the dosages, ingredients, and benefits. The only difference in the two is that this product (Silymarin) is a little more than HALF the cost of D*****. The savings over the course of a year is almost $1000, and my dog will be on this medication for the rest of her I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this product!

Fast Delivery and Great Replacement

Order this to replace D***** Advanced which is not being manufactured at the moment. My Mali is tolerating it well and at this price I may never go back! Very very fast delivery. No nonsense ordering process. Easy peasy

Silymarin Advanced

Much more affordable product than the other brand names out there. Not EXACTLY the same (therefore can't call it a generic) but it has what she needs and it's easy to order and administer. Excellent quality product!

Silymarin Advanced

Great service!

It’s been pleasant ordering from this company. I was having issues finding a liver supplement for my dog and ran across this company they offer the same thing at a lower price and it’s been in stock which is fantastic. Thank you!

Returning Customer

My poor pup has a wonky liver, so he needs these daily. Vetito has the best price, and they ship ever-so fast! I'll be back next time he needs another bottle.

Silymarin Advanced

Very Happy with your product.

Good priced

I've been giving my husky this medicine for a few months now. It helps her tremendously keep good liver health.

Happy, relieved border collie mom

I was OH SO SKEPTICAL of trying something new after having my Riley on d***** for a year. I never EVER want him to go through liver failure again and the d***** got and kept his enzymes down to normal. Only recently started him on this Silymarin advanced as it is $20 less than d***** and with all Rileys meds adding to $350 per month I needed to find a less expensive route to keeping him safe and healthy. His vet reassured me this is absolutely fine to switch him to and so far no difference between this and d*****. I ordered the 30 tablet bottle initially, was so satisfied I just purchased the 90 count bottle. I recommend giving this a try.. this super paranoid dog mama did 😊

Fast delivery

More affordable than d*****. Fast delivery! Very thankful to find this company

Fantastic Service

Vetito never disappoints. Great product and super fast free ship.

So Far So Good

Bought these to replace D***** Advanced or regular D*****, which have become hard to find and I've had zero luck trying to communicate with the manufacturer (N*****).

The Silymarin Advanced appears to have the same key ingredients as (regular, not Advanced) D*****. Plus, it costs less and the pills are smaller and easier for my dog to swallow. It's great to have this alternative.

I'll have to wait till the next blood draw to confirm these are keeping her liver counts down, but I'm optimistic.

Great alternative to D*****

This is a great alternative to D*****, since availability has been on and off. I do have some recommendations to improve the product. Adding a coating to the tablets for ease of swallowing, possibly making the pill thinner and also adding a moisture absorber thing in bottles as the tabs seem to absorb moisture from air If out for even a few minutes.

Great alternative to expensive prescription med.

I purchased this medication for my dog, whose liver enzymes were running high. It is much less expensive than D*****, which is at times hard to get. My dog is doing well on this medication, and I would recommend that pet owners try it and monitor their pet’s health and behavior on this alternative.

Great product

My dog like this better than the other. Arrived fast.

Got here fast!

Got here quickly and as advertised.

Saved the Day

We were having a hard time finding D***** as well and it was suggested that we use Silymarin instead. My dog does better on these pills and takes her medicine a lot easier. They are smaller than the chewable version she was taking and not as hard.
Also, Vettito is so helpful when you have questions.

Great Product

This is a great substitute for D*****…..

Love this product!

I was having a very hard time finding D*****, and it was suggested I try Silymarin instead. It has done a great job of keeping my dogs liver enzymes under control for a reasonable price.

Wonderful Product

Like many others, I chose this product when I couldn’t get D*****. Equal ingredients, cheaper, and my fingers don’t turn blue when giving the pill! Will definitely order again.

Happy Customer!

Very happy with my purchase of SilymarinAdvance. The same ingredients as D***** but at a much better price. Fast shipping. I called our vet’s office and told them about your company and to inform other pet owners. Thank you.

Great product!

I started using this product when I could not get D*****. My vet looked at the ingredients and found them to be compatible. My dog’s liver function numbers have been going down just as quickly with this product as with the other! I am very happy to keep purchasing!

Dog meds

This product seems to be working and my dog loves it

Great Alternative

Since D***** has been in short supply, I’m really grateful that Vetito has a generic option. My dog takes this everyday to keep his liver functioning and it seems to be working just as well as D*****.

Pleased with product

The liver medicine we were getting from our Vet was no longer available, so they said to get Milk Thistle supplements.
I found this product which my dog has now been on 3 months. She had 30 day lab work and her enzyme counts were down so she does not have to go back for 4 months. These are not chewable like the previous supplements, but they must not taste bad because Elli is happy to take her daily recommended dosage.

Review of shipment.

Thank you for sending the medication quickly. It was very difficult to find this medication. My dog has been taking for several years.The medication is c a great price.
I really appreciate it. I will continue ordering medication from you guys thanks for your hard work.


My Cat is doing very well on this med

Much more affordable than name brand. I talked personally with your pharmacist. He was very informative and helpful. I received my item promptly

Much better alternative to Name brand

During the shortages of 2021 we were unable to find a reasonably priced version of this medication. The only place to get it was at a vet where it was double the normal price on amazon, which was out of stock. Then Vetito stepped up with their own brand and really saved the day. They charge much less than the name brand and it has been very effective with our dog. As of her last vet visit, her liver levels are in check. Thank you so much for recognizing an industry gap and not taking advantage of people.

Great substitute for D*****

Great substitute for D***** (product name hidden) and a reasonable price. Cost less than D***** too and gives my dog the liver support he needs. Vetito is quick to ship too!

My dog seems to be OK with this product as long as he doesn't smell it! I use can cheese or peanut butter to hide it. Product says take with no food.

Very Good Service

Got this to replace problems with the "brand name" which was very hard to get. My dog really needs this medication, and I am very happy I could get it, and it came very, very fast!

Very happy with this alternative to D*****. Dogs find it palatable in a "pill pocket" and take it without resisting.

Great product!

I was so happy to find this supplement! It has the same ingredients as my dog’s current one that has been on back order. He has liver issues and this helps keep him healthy! Great price and service.

Silymarin Advanced for small dogs

I replaced Denamarin with this product as I wasn't able to get it anymore and have been happy with it.
They shipped quickly and they were very nice when talking to them on the phone.

D***** Alternative

Overall experience is excellent! Just as good or better than brand name. Better service and pricing adds better value.

Great product

Just as good as D***** and cheaper!

Cheaper than D***** !!

Better and cheaper alternative to D***** (product name hidden). Happy with results. Took my dog in for blood work and was happy to report he is stable.

Silymarin advanced

I purchased SilymarinAdvanced
225 mg, good price and the delivery time was good.
I just wish the tablets were oblong shape instead of round. But overall all good.

silymarin advanced

Tried your product again because D***** (product name hidden) not available! Same problem as before: my poor Daisy's blood sugar went way high!!! So, stuck between a rock and a hard place, and your folks can't tell me if there might be a carbohydrate component that could be causing this. Y'all are no help at all!!!


I have used this product for several months. It is much more affordable than the leading brand.


I have used this product for several months. It is much more affordable than the leading brand.


Workes very well for my dog


Workes very well for my dog


Seems to be working fine for my dog

Silymarin Advanced

Equal to or better than D***** (product name hidden) at a much better price!

Silymarin Advanced

Equal to or better than D***** (product name hidden) at a much better price!

Works Great

Equal to or better than D***** (product name hidden) at a much better price!

Silymarin Advanced


Equal to D***** (product name hidden) at better price


Great! Cheaper than name brand and smaller tablet, too!

Good price fairly quick delivery.
I recommend


Seems to not cause any adverse effects so far. Tablets can be chewed (per my query to Vetito), dog will sometimes spit it out. May need to work on the palatability of this.

Cheaper but not Cheap

The active ingrediants almost the same as the name brand but much less money.

Cheaper but not Cheap

The active ingrediants almost the same as the name brand but much less money.

Less expensive.

Best deal on an essential product!

SilymarinAdvanced is a product that I will be sticking with. When I could no longer get the comparable traditional product, VetPerfect met the need. This product is better and more reasonably priced. I'm sticking with it!

Great supplement

I purchased this when I was unable to get the name brand liver supplement my dog has been on. I find it easier to give, it's a smaller pill. Also, it doesn't make my fingers all blue when he tries to spit it back out like the other. This is my third bottle, and Turbo is doing great.

Great supplement

I purchased this when I was unable to get the name brand liver supplement my dog has been on. I find it easier to give, it's a smaller pill. Also, it doesn't make my fingers all blue when he tries to spit it back out like the other. This is my third bottle, and Turbo is doing great.

Judith Riedel

Has all the ingredients of the more expensive brand, and is easier to give.

Silymarin Advanced

Love this product! Generic version of liver support product & it is chewable. Much easier to administer-don’t have to coat with peanut butter like other pills & great price.

Silymarin Advanced

Love this product! Generic version of liver support product & it is chewable. Much easier to administer-don’t have to coat with peanut butter like other pills & great price.

Ran it by vet before buying

Our dog has been on D***** (product name hidden) for several years so I asked our vet if it was ok to switch to Silymarin Advanced and she agreed after reviewing the ingredients.

D***** (product name hidden)

I’m very happy with their generic form of this liver support medication. It comes on time and is less expensive as well.

Pills arrived fast and at a good price. Very happy with service
Did not receive my 10% off on second order.

So happy for this replacement to D***** (product name hidden)

After hair pulling earlier this year due to the D***** shortage this is a God send. I did get the earlier generic from Vetito but it required giving our pupper 2 pills, not an easy task I assure you as she spit each one across the kitchen as given, it took numerous attempts. So far so good with this new alternative, smaller tablet and obviously easier to swallow for her. We are on our second bottle and all seems well.


Great product

A Good Product

Because D***** (product name hidden) has been out of stock usually, this has been a good substitute. Thanks

Silymarin advanced

I had a hard time finding D***** (product name hidden) for my Dalmatian Roxy. I tried the 2 bottle substitution that vetito suggested. She didn’t like the taste and I had a hard time getting her to take it. Once the Silymarin Advanced came out I tried it. She loves it and I plan on keeping her on it. Thanks Vetito for this product. Roxy’s mom


Great for my 14 yr. Old dog

Silymarin/Advanced 90 mg 30 tablets

I tablet instead of two prior orders and this has been upgraded with 1 tablet. I love this to help my dog plus the price is right!!! Thank you for fast delivery too.

Dog preferred

My Maximus tolerates this pill over D***** (product name hidden). The other pill he would constantly spit out or he would pretend to swallow and I would find it hidden in his bedding later. I like that it doesn't have that nasty blue coating and the pill is smaller but potent. My Max is eating more, vomiting less and gaining weight.
We are extremely pleased and grateful.

Silymarin 425 mg

Excellent product. My dog was getting really resistant to taking the blue pills from my vet. He takes these easily!

silmarin tablets

great product, really helped my dogs liver function. great company and quick delivery. price was amazing. love love love. this was my second time purchasing and always a good experience. they are also very knowledgeable.

Silymarin Advanced

Could not find D***** (product name hidden) medium tablets, trying Silymarin Advanced. Jury is out on how well this working.

Completely thankful

It is with a broken heart that I tell you that we lost our precious Zeus on April 8. He was 14 1/2 years old and was battling liver cancer. However, words cannot adequately convey the benefit of the liver supplements that we ordered from you. We are convinced that they gave him comfort and extended his life. We are forever grateful.

Great service. Pet meds arrived promptly.

Seems to have helped our 12 year old dog

Our dog was diagnosed with Cushing's Disease & very high liver enzymes over a year ago. We use prescribed medicine & this supplement, & her liver enzymes are close to normal. There is no cure, but these treatments have given her an improved quality of life.

Silymarin Advanced For Cats

My cat has been on this for 30 days now. The availability issues with the D brand was why I tried this. I, too, won't know it's effectiveness until blood work is done again.

Approved by my local veterinarian when presented to him as an alternative

No purging of pill at all! (My cat used to purge the D brand half of the time. And, sometimes, the blue casing would be purged 12hrs later)

Pill is slightly larger

Earthy/vitamin smell is present. (I use a pill paste for easy swallowing)


Not sure if it's working or not - will need blood work to see. My dog isn't a big fan of the flavor but will take it with peanut butter.


It seems to be working but I need new blood work on my boy to see if there is improvement.
I will update at that time.

Awesome price

A great generic for D***** (product name hidden) at a fraction of the price.

Well Made product

Overall I think this a good product .

Great Price

The price is right compared to the (D..........n). It is small enough to slide down the throat. It seems like the other is always out of stock so this is a good go to. My vet says my girl will need this med for life to protect her liver, so I will be buying this.

2 Dog Owner

Both of my dogs take this medication as a substitute for the original prescription and whenever their liver is checked it is well within the normal ranges. Delivery is fast and this product is a lot cheaper than the original prescription. My vet also strongly approves of this product.

Dog owner

Great and cheaper substitute for D***** (product name hidden). Came in the mail very quickly!

D***** (product name hidden) Substitute

I have been purchasing the Silymarin (D*****) substitute from Vetito ever since the D***** became scarce.

The product works great!

SilymarinAdvanced for Liver

This product works great, and is priced lower than the name brand which had become hard to find.
Apologies for a previous review I left for a different medication for Cushings.

SilymarinAdvanced for Liver

This product works great, and is priced lower than the name brand which had become hard to find.
Apologies for a previous review I left for a different medication for Cushings.

Seem to work but shape not so great

The pills seem to be tolerated by my dog as long as they are wrapped in something yummy. The round shape makes it harder to stick in treats or pill pockets. A more oblong or capsule shape would be easier.

Nice to have an alternative

This is the same formula as the brand the vet prescribed at a lesser price than that brand, plus the other brand is often on backorder. So far, this has always been available.

Great for my cat & Budget

I had been using another product “D**” that was more expensive & recently stopped being made. SilymarinAdvanced helps with my cat’s liver function, his blood tests showed lower ALT levels.

Great for my cat & Budget

I had been using another product “D**” that was more expensive & recently stopped being made. SilymarinAdvanced helps with my cat’s liver function, his blood tests showed lower ALT levels.

Silymarin Advanced

Great substitute for D***** (product name hidden), pill is smaller and doesn't smell as bad. My dog gobbles it right up in a Pill Pocket!

Silymarin Advanced

Ordered this when D***** (product name hidden) was unavailable for my small Pom. The price is about half what I was paying. Tablet a bit larger but I wrap it in a small amount of ground beef and he has no problems swallowing.

Good Substitute for D***** (product name hidden)

Cost is less than 1/2 the price of D*****

Good product, but a little hard to swallow

Because it's not coated and not oblong like D***** (product name hidden), it's a little harder to get my dog to swallow it. I coat it in a little peanut butter, trying to keep it to a minimum.

Good for my dog!

I got up early to give this to my dog on a empty stomach. Hopefully since we were consistent his counts will be better on the next blood test. This was recommended my my Veternarian. I completely trust her so I trust it will help.

Great Product!

I like that they have combined 2 pills in to one. And its less expensive.


My dog had taken D***** (product name hidden) for years but I was having trouble getting it. So glad I found this replacement! Easier to administer and a much better price!


Works great

Excellent product!

Three of my 5 dogs have been on D***** (product name hidden) for a long time. When that became hard to find and more expensive, I luckily discovered Silymarin Advanced with exactly the same ingredients! So pleased with the price, super quick shipment and great customer service.

Great product!

My dog seems to be doing just fine with this. Twice a day. It helps his stomach condition greatly. Thanks!

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SAMe + Silibina + Fosfatidilcolina Todo en 1 comprimido. Supplemento para la salud del higado y del cerebro.

Especies: Perro Gato
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SAMe + Silibina + Fosfatidilcolina Todo en 1 comprimido. Supplemento para la salud del higado y del cerebro.

Especies: Perro Gato
FREE shipping over $99
¡Entrega gratuita!
Autoship diponible
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Principios activos

Valores para 1 comprimido.

Para gatos y perros pequeños hasta 12 lbs:

  • S-adenosil metionina (SAM-e) 90 mg
  • Extracto seco de Silybum marianum (Cardo Mariano) 31 mg
  • Fosfatidilcolina 60 mg
  • Aportando un mínimo de 9 mg de Silibina A+B

Para perros medianos de 13 a 34 lbs:

  • S-adenosil metionina (SAM-e) 225 mg
  • Extracto seco de Silybum marianum (Cardo Mariano) 82 mg
  • Fosfatidilcolina 160 mg
  • Aportando un mínimo de 24 mg de Silibina A+B

Para perros grandes de 35 lbs y más:

  • S-adenosil metionina (SAM-e) 425 mg
  • Extracto seco de Silybum marianum (Cardo Mariano) 120 mg
  • Fosfatidilcolina 234 mg
  • Aportando un mínimo de 35 mg de Silibina A+B

¿Cómo utilizar SilymarinAdvanced?

Para gatos y perros pequeños:     hasta 12 lbs   12 lbs y más
Gatos   1 comprimido al día   1 comprimido 2 veces al día
Perros   1 comprimido al día   Usar SilymarinAdvanced Para perros medianos


Para perros medianos:     de 13 a 34 lbs
Perros   1 comprimido al día


Para perros grandes:     de 35 a 65 lbs   de 66 a 120 lbs   121 lbs y más
Perros   1 comprimido al día   2 comprimidos al día   3 comprimidos al día


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