Skin infections can be really annoying, irritating, and uncomfortable for your pet. MalAcetic is a line of otic and dermatological products for cats and dogs. These products are used to treat dermatitis, superficial skin infections, ear infections, and other conditions. MalAcetic products have a broad-spectrum action against bacteria, fungi, and yeast. MalAcetic products contain a soap-free shampoo and conditioner to clean and improve the appearance of the coat while providing treatment, an otic cleanser to clean and deodorize the ears of cats and dogs, and convenient wipes for a quick cleaning. You will also find on Vetito veterinary pharmacy, MalAcetic Ultra products, which also contain a shampoo, a conditioner, and an otic cleanser. These products are formulated with a more powerful antifungal ( ketoconazole ) that has a stronger action against fungus and yeast, and hydrocortisone to soothe itching and inflammation. Due to their patented formulation, these products balance skin surface pH, making it unfavorable for the growth of fungus/yeast. MalAcetic products help bring your pets relief while improving their skin and haircoat, leaving them looking good and feeling healthy.